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Puzzle Room Escape mobile sets up games at your location in any room

The Hottest in-Property Convention & Venue


Hotels   Conventions   Trade Shows
Great Concept for Destination Mgrs.
Restaurants/Sports Bars

Free Demo Games Available

Invite your Event Planners, Management and Staff to Play.

See why our Escape Rooms are perfect for your event, convention or clients as well as NEW HOTEL REVENUE


Puzzle Room sets up high tech escape room experiences at hotels, conventions and HOA clubhouses
We bring games for convention entertainment and to enhance your exhibit

Easy Room-in-a-Room/Space Set-up

Set up in as little as 250sf in any room or space including MEETING ROOMS, BALLROOM, OPEN SPACE, LOBBY, etc.

All we need from you is 6 tables and power outlets

Bring your employees together to work and play at the same time

Day & Evening Entertainment

-Event guests and attendees can play day or evening as an added value or perk
-Great fun for attendees as part of their evening parties and celebrations



Games for All Ages

10-60 Minute Games

We have games for ages 8 and up including:

We also offer CUSTOMIZED THEMES augmented to match the theme of conventions, trade show, meeting, etc.

Games can be as short as 20 minutes and up to one hour to accommodate as many players as possible.

Up to 12 per game and we have multiple rooms


Escape room games at your location for kids to adults
Escape rooms for Team Building, employee perks and fun for guests

High Tech Games and Pro Presentation

We feature HIGH TECH TRIGGERING DEVICES not just assorted combination locks


Music, costumes and special effects

In-game host who can portray a character in the storyline of the game/room


Hotels can entertain guests with our high tech escape rooms
Players of all ages in our Escape Rooms that come to you in Florida

Revenue Generators
Sell to Public &
Add F&B Packages

Turn our Escape Rooms into Money Makers for your property and/or your clients:
  You can price games lower than brick & mortar

   Players love to eat and discuss after each game -create a POST GAME PARTY F&B PACKAGE or PROMO

   Hotels can offer as a public attraction on special days, holidays and promotions

   Clients can cut costs of event by selling games

   VIP Perk for Speakers, Officials and Special Guests

Photos:  Hyatt Regency Resort, Clearwater Beach


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