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WESTIN RESORT HOTEL, Ft. Lauderdale, April 2022

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Puzzle Room Aboard a Cruise for Social

Influencers for a movie premiere

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Serving Most

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Just like a Brick & Mortar Escape Room up to 1/3rd the cost...at your location!

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At up to 1/3rd the price of brick & mortar rooms!

  • High Tech Triggering Devices (not just a bunch of padlocks)

  • Games of 10 minutes to 60 minutes

  • For Ages 8 and up!  Adults, Tweens, Teens & Families (Inquire for younger kids)

  • For Groups of 50+ Best Value

  • In-room host (character)

  • Adjust games to all ages & skill levels

  • Costumes | Music | Special Effects

  • Challenging Games

  • Custom Themes to match your event

  • Serving Most of Florida

  • NEW!  Up to 4 games at once available

We Bring Everything to You!

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Our fun & entertaining room.  Your group has been invited to The Green Room where the stars hang out before a show.  Get out in the set time and you win Front Row Seats to the Greatest Concert in history!

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Kids and Teens are half our business.  For at Home Birthday Party to Camps and School Events we offer pure excitement, education and challenges.

NEW GAMES for 5-6-7-year olds!

Games for 8 and up, Tweens, Teens

Watch out parents, your teens might be the best players out there.

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You've been enjoying your vacation at the Beach House when you are warned that an unprecedented Category 7 Hurricane is fast approaching.  Can you escape the twists and turns that will try to stop you including the original owner of the house who was lost in the Great Storm of 1895?

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