Not just a bunch of combination and padlocks, but HIGH TECH DEVICES that will marvel you when they open the next clue.  We bring music, costumes, special effects and props as part of our customized escape room attractions.


POST COVID CHANGES:  Larger Spaces, Player Distancing, Masks/Gloves avail.

Max. 10 players per game.  Fully sanitized after each game.

You have already won tickets to see CAST IRON SQUIRREL, the greatest band in the world. Now you've been selected to spend time in THE GREEN ROOM, where stars gather before their show.

It's a VIP SUITE to relax before the big event,  just like the famous.  Then there is a SURPRISE...if you can solve all the puzzles, clues and challenges in the set time, your party will get FRONT ROW SEATS for CAST IRON SQUIRREL.

NOW PLAYING Due to popular demand we've added another room...now play one or both themes at one event.

The Hurricane Hurricane Beach House has a real Florida flavor as you are trapped in your vacation beach house as a Category 5 hurricane approaches out of nowhere.

To make matters worse, there's the haunted original owner of the house who was lost in the Hurricane of 1895.  He's back and he wants you and your group to join him forever.   Will you escape?  Prepare to get wet, to weather a storm and make it out before the crashing waves wipe you away.

Kids and Tweens Games

Puzzle Room now features games for kids from age 6 and up tween/teens games. Each game is hosted to help the kids make it out featuring their favorite TV shows, bands and singers and Legos.  Now a game for kids at camps, schools, religious classes and teams.  Let your kids put their brains to play with our new game for kids, tweens and teens.
Choose from our special Harry Potter at the Beach House or The Green Room with themes like Unicorn, Super Heroes or add your favorite theme.
We can customize a package for you.   Let's Talk.​
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