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Including tips for first timers

  • You are playing as a group with the others in the room.

  • Place yourself in an "alternative universe" and imagine your experience as a real life event

  • Depending on time of game, that's how long you have to escape or solve all the puzzles and challenges

  • Every room has a theme and storyline.  Stick to these as you seek our clues.  There are red herrings which are clues not related to the theme to throw you off...you want to avoid them

  • There are various devices and props in the room to help solve a series of combinations (words, letters, numbers, colors on various locks) as well as other devices that require some form of an answer to open

  • Most times when you open a box or device it will contain clues for other challenges.  Check all boxes and devices thoroughly

  • Many clues will match up with other clues within the room as you solve challenges and together may create a combination to open something

  • For example, let's say the theme is you are locked in a bakery and need to escape before the ovens blow up.  You may find various candies or cookies in the room.  By collecting them, you may create a combination based on what you have found.  Such as 2 Butterfingers, 4 Hershey Bars, 7 Twixt and 9 Mounds.  2-4-7-9 could be a combination that opens a lock with 4 numbers.  Or colors on the wrappers and those numbers could create a combination

  • If it is a number combination, the numbers will either be in ascending or descending order, otherwise it would be too many combinations for one to solve in an hour or less, except....

  • When the clue is an exact number such as  "A four digit combination for Christmas" would be 1225

  • Don't overthink the clues, they are tough but not impossible

  • Pen and paper are available to make notes

  • Some rooms have "hidden clues" that can only be solved using Black UV Flashlights when the room is darkened.

  • Items that match up, many times need to be collected and used to solve a combination or clue.

  • There are no clues behind any posters, banners, walls or underneath any tables or chairs or on the floor

  • Work together and communicate.  When you find a clue, let everyone know.  Try to avoid duplicating others who have spent time trying to open something by not repeating their efforts


  • Your group has won a trip to a concert venue to see the famous band, Cast Iron Squirrel.  They are the most popular band in the world and replaced The Beatles as the biggest selling group of all time

  • Upon arrival to the concert, your group was selected to visit The Green Room where stars hang out before a show to dress, eat or snack.

  • The usher tells you that there is a contest and if you solve all the puzzles and challenges in the time of your game, you will win front row seats with all the famous stars for the concert.  If you fail, you may be given a one way ticket to the nearest lake

  • Solve all the puzzles and challenges in the set time and your group will be the big winners



Your group has rented a beach house and you've just come back from the beach when there is warnings that a fast moving surprise Category 8 hurricane is bearing down near you

  • You have the set time of the game to escape the beach house before impact and likely to be washed away out to sea

  • However, you discover that this beach house is haunted by the late Frank Grant who built it in the 1800's.  Frank and his assistant were washed away in the Great Storm, never to be seen again...

  • Except for his skeletal state the appears in the house

  • Frank has clues to your escape, but he's stuck in purgatory and you need to get clues from him so you don't join him in his "world"

  • Find key card to escape the last lock or hopefully you are a good swimmer.


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