We Set Up at Your Location


What We Need

  • At least 150sf of space

  • Outlets for 4-5 power strips

  • 5-6 Tables (Equivalent of 5 foot rectangular folding or banquet style

  • We set our Room-in-a-Room in any space or room including:

    • Office/Conference Room​

    • Classroom

    • Gym,  Lobby,  Under Tent

    • Great Room, Lanai, Garage

    • Convention Center

    • Yachts

    • Houses of Worship

    • Restaurants or Bars

    • HOA or Apt. Clubhouse


  • Games can be up to 1 hour long.

  • Please allow 10-15 minutes between games to reset and sanitize the room

  • Multiple Day Discounts available

  • Party Planners Commissionable

  • Please allow 2 hours or more for set up

  • Please allow up to 1 hour to breakdown

What You Get

  • In-room host who also adjusts games to various skill levels

  • Unique Room-in-a-Room set up

  • High tech devices & props

  • Costumes, for The Green Room

  • Special effects and Room Decor

  • 20 to 60 min. games

  • Up to 12 players per game

  • Real Escape Room experience

  • Handicapped accessible

  • Add your own theme

All the Details

Hotels & Conventins


Pricing varies based on Distance and Time Booked.  We need at least 2 hours for set up of a room.

Larger groups get the best value...invite others to play!

Larger groups can be a third the price of brick and mortar escape rooms.